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Figurines From Scan

Preserve special memories by creating beautiful life-like miniatures of the people you love most.

Visit our store and get scanned on our photo booth.
We will work on oout 3D image and print a statuette that looks just like you! You'll be amazed at all the details!

Figurines from Photos

Can't come to our store? Not a problem!
Our skilled 3D artists can use your photos to sculpt a figurine that look just like you.

All we need is at least one good quality photo of the face and one of the profile. For the body, you can either choose one of our themed bodies or you can send photos to have our designers recreate the entire person.

3D Photo Extrusion

If you have a special photo that you would like to display in a remarkable way, Peekolos can help you accomplish just that!

Our team of artists can turn your old 2D photos into a beautiful 3D art.

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